September 2013

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Podgy Pooches
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Woof, woof – Woofy Here!

Hi fans ’tis me the Woof, as Summer turns to Autumn it is starting to get blinkin’ chilly and me and the Gang have been thinking of ways to keep warm and still look cool, if you know what I mean. For instance Suggs’ pyjamas might keep him warm but it ain’t a groovy look! Jelly Legs Joe says tucking his blanket in his collar like a cape keeps him warm and makes him look like a super hero too – no Joe it just looks blinkin’ bonkers!! Little terrier Ben insists on having a cat box in his kennel, he says it keeps the draught off a treat. I don’t know, maybe we should all just go on a Winter diet; you know the one where you eat twice as much and get a bit podgy, but can we make podgy look cool? Suggs says of course you can, he has got an excellent bit of podge and look how funky good he looks! Yeah right!! Emmmm maybe we better keep thinking there guys!

Anyway fans time to cruise the news…

Fun with Mason
By Woofy

One look at Masons face and you can tell this pooch is full of fun!

Still puppy wrinkly and with his distinctive cheeky black eye, Mason had a lot of the cute factor going for him despite being a big strong lad. Mason is a nine month old American bulldog and although he always seemed to get a lot of attention from the visitors nothing ever seemed to go right for him so he was here for quite a while. Everyone who got to know this lad couldn’t say his name without smiling, he was such a happy plank. Mason was the most pooch friendly mutt in this shelter, he was always wanting to play and could be seen most days having a wrestling match in the yard with his best mate Beau.

In order to raise his profile and make people aware of this good natured youngster, he was made Dog of the Month for June. Of course that put a swagger in his walk, well it would have if he wasn’t so blinkin’ clumsy that he tripped over his own feet! Mason deserved a fresh start, he had spent way too much of his young life here so we were delighted when a lovely family who had re-homed a Brysons dog in the past thought that he might just be the pooch for them. Of course Mason had to meet the approval of their other pooch called Toffee, a very elegant greyhound who is a lady of a certain age and very delicately built.

Well I am happy to report that Mason’s family say he has brought a lot of fun and laughter into their lives, and this daft clumsy good natured lad is even gentle around Toffee seeming to realise she is not up to being his new wrestling partner. It looks to me that Mason has sussed out his new family very well and is having a great time. Well done young fella, guess you’re not such a blinkin’ plank after all!

Souped up Sam
By Woofy

One year old Sam Beagle is a turbo charged energetic fella who could never seem to get enough exercise.

Man he was always on the go, there is no way you could just hang out and be a couch potato round this guy, he would get too bored and then like most youngsters look for something naughty to do. The Gang advised Sam to kinda chill a bit and we all wondered what he could do with all the excess energy he had. Mojo said maybe Sam could take up digging holes as a new hobby and see how deep he can get. I reckon Australia isn’t quite ready to meet Sam yet! Jelly Legs Joe (who thinks he is a bit of a boffin) said as Sam was a little dynamo his new family could put him on a treadmill connected to some gizmo and let him generate all the electric for the house!! I reckon he would light up the whole street but Joe said that was just silly!!! Suggs said he thought the best solution to calm Sam down would be to give him lots of plates of nosh so he gets plump and sleeeepy! – And by the way can Suggs maybe give him a hand munching it all!!

Well Sam will maybe slow down naturally as he gets a bit older but he is delighted that his lovely new family are giving him a chance. He says he will try to be good and he will keep them fit and healthy – Suggs says lots of plates of nosh will keep them healthy too and could he maybe just help…Emmm I guess not!!

“[he] was the most pooch friendly mutt in this shelter…”
Lucky gets Lucky
By Woofy

When one year old terrier Lucky came to the shelter we thought he might want to change his name.

I mean, ending up a homeless pooch at one year old is hardly what you would call a great gig! However Lucky had other ideas, he said getting a second chance of finding a great home and a lovely new family is very lucky. Well you had to admire this youngsters positive attitude, he does have a lot going for him, he has a very funky hairstyle that kind of does a mohican thing down the centre of his back if he is not groomed enough. Fellow terrier Ben told him if he dyed it green he would stand out, but Mojo said he would just look like he was a cucumber with legs. Lucky said  he didn’t need gimmicks ‘cos his new family would easily spot such a slick looking dude and wouldn’t be able to resist him.

Lucky could do the cute thing very well and he had a lot of admirers among the walkers, he is a keen ball player and could often be seen with one stuck in his mouth. A lovely family who came to visit the shelter had always had big mutts in their family, but Lucky was undeterred by this and was determined to show them how groovy terriers can be. Well the guy must have done something to ring their bells ‘cos he is off home with them and living the dream. His new family are delighted with him and are learning how much fun little guys can be!

Well I guess you were right to keep the name after all young fella ‘cos you sure are one lucky Lucky!!

No howling for Millie
By Woofy

It has to be said that although nine years young Weimaraner Millie was very beautiful, she was also the biggest drama queen in the kennels.

Millie is a lovely natured girl but she did not like being stuck in kennels one bit, and would howl the place down until she got some attention or was out on her walk. Now I wouldn’t have minded her being a bit of a diva but she never howled in blinkin’ tune!!!

Millie loved being out and about and is a very sociable gal, she loved going out with Jelly Legs Joe, apparently there was a bit of smooching going on there but a bashful Joe reckons they were only friends. Millie was just so smug that she still ‘had it’ at nine and could still pull a toyboy if she wanted to.

Of course her sociable nature stood her in good stead when she caught the eye of a lovely family which included a very cool Weimaraner dude called Obi. This was a brilliant opportunity for Millie, not only did they have lots of experience but her new mum is a professional pooch walker so Millie was going to have a cracking social life. Millie could not be in better hands and her new mum says she is well behaved at home and is not howling the place down at all. Wow what a result!

Millie is delighted, a great home, loving family, a gorgeous toyboy in Obi, plenty of mates to hang out with, she says she may never howl again!!! Well that’s a relief, she may be beautiful but man she sings like somebody stepped on all four paws!

“she was also the biggest drama queen in the kennels…”
Pamper me Noel
By Woofy

If ever a pooch was popular with the walkers it had to be five year old Lurcher Noel!

This is a laid back no hassle kind of fella who would just totter along, never pulling or causing a ruckus with anybody else. Of course he liked his treats and it has to be said that for a Lurcher he was kind of on the portly side, but Noel reckoned he had the body of an athlete and could still run at a fair pace if he had to. Fellow Lurcher Joe said Noel was way too plump to run fast and anyway everybody knows he would rather just have a bit of a lounge in the sun, or on a sofa or maybe even a bed if he got the chance!

Noel was looking forward to finding his new home as he had great ambitions of being a pampered pooch. After all why should all those handbag size mutts have all the fun, and how come they don’t make handbags Lurcher size, he wouldn’t mind being toted around the shops and stuff with just his head sticking out for the odd treat or two!!! Wouldn’t we all!!

Noel caught the eye of a lovely couple who thought he would be just right for them, and he said he was delighted he was going to a new home where there would be armchairs and a sofa and beds and soft carpets and…yeah we get the picture dude! Anyway his new family say he is doing very well and they have changed his name to Harley – ooooh very up market!!

Joe can’t believe that slow Noel has now got the same name as a super fast motorbike – he says it’s a bit like changing Sugg’s name to Einstein. Suggs says it’s all relative mate tee hee.

In and Out in No Time (or on trial)
By Woofy

Marley, Coco, Jessie, Toby, Cas, Rogan, Kai, Roxy. Well done and good luck!

Old Friends

We love hearing from our old friends and this month we heard from Buddys family who tell us he is a great hit with his pub clientele and from Millies’ mum who says Millie has still got the wow factor at ten years old. Well done you groovy pooches and keep right on living the dream.

If your old friend would like to be included in my newsletter then email me at: woofy.dog@brysons.org.uk

By Liz

Buddy came to live with our family in February 2005 and settled in straight away. Very little was known about his background. In April 2006 we moved to rural Northumberland to run our own pub and he is so popular with both locals and all the visitors we see during the summer.

He’s a much loved member of the family.


By Ellie


This is Millie, we adopted her nearly 4 years ago now!

She is such a beautiful funny dog she is getting on so well. Such a good girl and in very good shape for being 10 years old!

Best thing we ever did adopting her!

Thanks Ellie Cowan.

New Arrivals
By Woofy

Three year old Lurcher Blue is a striking looking young fella, as well as being tall and in good shape he also sports a bit of an unusual eye!

You see Blue has a lack of pigment at the bottom of one of his eyes giving him a ‘blue look’. Of course Blue calls this his David Bowie eye and says it makes him look hip and groovy! (Suggs says who’s David Bow- wow-wow-ie and what kind of pooch is he then!!).

Blue is a bouncy fun fella and he loves his walks and likes lots of attention. He is easy to get along with, and he is chilled around us other pooches. Blue doesn’t like the kennels too much ‘cos he likes lots of human company, he does whinge when left for too long. This kind of separation anxiety thing is easily overcome in a home environment where a steady routine can make all the difference. Blue says I am confused ‘cos he is far too cool to whinge – what he is actually doing is singing – oh pardon me if I can’t tell the difference mate!!!

Anyway this youngster is a good natured playful bonnie lad and he will make a very friendly fun addition to most families. If Blue sounds like the type of guy you would like to hang out with then you need to come and introduce yourself. Blue says he’ll be the cool looking dude whinging rock and roll!! Oh sorry I meant SINGING rock and roll – em I don’t know though.

By Woofy

Okay let me tell about Freddy.

He is a very handsome Golden Labrador, he is only eighteen months old and he is just plain scatty! He has had no training and needs an adult family with experience of boisterous young Labs  to set him on the straight and narrow. He is a strong bouncy fella, he is daft and friendly and if he spots a pond or even a big puddle then he’s going to get wet and so are you!! He likes a bit of fuss, he likes to nosh all your treats, and he will be your best mate if you take him for a walk. This is a full on dude who is young enough to learn what is acceptable and what is not, he has the potential to be a fantastic pooch, and is well worth any work needed to turn him around.

Freddy has got a basic good nature, he doesn’t know he is a bit of a hooligan, and if you see him in his kennel he looks like butter wouldn’t melt. Of course such a groovy looking dude is causing quite a stir with the visitors, everyone is stopping at his kennel to say how good looking he is, and man he just laps it up! I have told him he can’t just rely on his pretty face, he has got to behave like a gentleman at all times. Freddy says he is a gentleman, and proves it by pulling his walkers along so they can break their own walking speed record and when he goes in the pond he shakes all over them so they are refreshed like him. He says he always eats every treat in their pocket and never drops any crumbs, so apart from sharing a roll in fox poo his manners are good!!

Emmm – yes well – there you have it, this youngster has got stacks to learn. If you think you could sort this lad out and help him become the cracking pooch he could be, then do come and meet him before his ‘good manners’ get him into even more bother.

“he doesn’t know he is a bit of a hooligan…”
Maisie and Daisy
By Woofy
maisie and daisy
Maisie and Daisy

Maisie and Daisy are two five year old Collie cross sisters and they are simply gorgeous!

We lads can’t decide which one is the prettiest. Mojo quite fancies Maisie ‘cos she is the more confident one; however Jelly Legs Joe is naturally drawn to the wimpier Daisy. Suggs says they may be pretty but he gets a blinkin’ headache from seeing double and trying to work out which one is which, and wouldn’t it be much easier if they wore big groovy badges with their name on?

These are two friendly girls, who are very devoted to each other, and there is none of that silly sister squabbling, they desperately want to be re-homed together if possible. When they go out for a walk together they stick to each other for reassurance and I have to say they are so eye-catching that any new family is going have to get used to all the admiration and compliments that these girls seem to inspire.

Maybe adopting two mutts at the same time has never crossed your mind, but you know when two pooches have so much affection for each other they are just as easy to look after as one. In fact they can be easier as they keep each other company and well entertained. They are friendly girls and do love a bit of fuss, which is just as well seeing as everyone wants to pet them all the time.

Now I know it may be a lot to ask but if you are able to give these beautiful girls a home where they can stay together then please don’t hesitate to enquire about them. They will bring you double the love and double the fun, so go on treat yourself; you know you want to

Really New Arrivals
By Woofy

Jasper, Callum, Alfie, Ruby, Sasha and Buster. I’ll tell you more next month when I’ve sussed them out.

Dog of the Month
By Woofy

Dog of the Month for September is six year old terrier Ben.

Now this is a dude who has had a lucky escape. You see on Christmas Eve Ben was on his way to the big kennel in the sky but luckily he was rescued and brought to our shelter. Santa Paws sure came through for him on that day.

Ben is a self contained little fella, he walks well on his lead once you get him away, though he often likes to choose which direction he wants to go in. He doesn’t mind a treat or two and he quite likes a bit of fuss, though he is a bit of a cool dude and is never over enthusiastic about anything much – well apart from having a right good holler at Mojo in the kennels. That’s by far his favourite hobby at the moment.

Ben is a funny little character but he does have that terrier bossiness if he gets the chance so maybe a terrier experienced adult family or one with older children would be the best for Ben. Of course Ben knows he has been a lucky lad and says he realises how short life can be so he is making a ‘bucket list’ of everything he intends to do when he starts his new life. You know like discovering treasure down a hole or something.

Ben has been here a while now, he has had interest over the months but nothing has worked out for him. He is only a little fella and I am sure there must be that special person out there just right for him. Yep I think It’s you – no doubt!! He will be very happy to meet you.

Meanwhile Mojo has explained to a confused Suggs what a ‘bucket list ‘ is, I don’t think it helped much ‘cos Suggs is now hiding all the buckets away in case he accidentally kicks one tee hee.

And Finally
What’s On

You are invited to our book and table top sale on Sunday 6th October 12:30 ’til 2:30pm. You know it’s a great place to pick up a bargain and this month we are going to be selling some Christmas stuff along with our 2014 calenders so you can stock up in plenty of time. As well as all the fabulous stuff inside on our tables there is also goods for sale in the yard. We have a surplus of horse rugs, both indoor and outdoor so all you horse lovers really need to come and check it out. Of course as ever there is the home baked cakes and a good cuppa too, so do come and spoil yourself – you know you deserve it.

Brysons will also be attending the Paws with Pride show on October 13th so please come and say hello if you happen to be there.

Dog walking

You know you could be the world’s best dog walker; all you need is a good pair of walking boots and a dog! How easy is that? Yep I can see your photo in all the celebrity magazines showing off your technique. Well I think to reach your potential it would be best if you got started straight away. Come to the shelter any day between 11am and 4pm and we pooches will be happy to give you a walk and lots of encouragement – how good is that???

And finally…

Okay fans, that’s all the news from this busy month. The re-homing has been going very well paws crossed it continues.

Brrrr just seen Suggs in his purple pyjamas he looks really snug, Joe is curled up with his blanket cape, and Ben is tucked up tight in his cat basket. I am standing here looking like a hip groovy guy –  like a real cool dude – in fact I’m not just cool I’m blinkin’ freezing! I never thought I would say this but you know I think pyjamas might really catch on, yeah maybe it is a groovy look after all! Hey Suggs, you got a spare pair of jimjams there mate?

‘Til the next time…


In memory of Freda; a lovely lady and a special friend of Suggs.