toby1For some reason Toby was spending his second time at Bryson’s in June 2008 when we met him. We fell in love with him in an instant, took him home and gave him the life he so well deserved.

He was a lovely dog considering the hard life he had suffered before we became his forever mam and dad. He was so loving and well behaved. He liked nothing better than his walks with his ball and to curl up on the sofa with his mam He didn’t even mind sharing his home with 2 bossy cats.

He enjoyed 3 happy years with us before he unfortunately became unwell with diabetes and Cushing’s disease. He became totally blind with the disease in June 2011. But he still found his way around and always had a smile and a tail wag for anyone he met.

We kept him going for 6 months but unfortunately just before Christmas 2011 he deteriorated suddenly and we felt the only right was to help end his suffering.

We are left broken hearted without you Toby, we miss you terribly, and you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Night night, sweet dreams, Our gorgeous Tobyjug, we love you.

Mam & Dad Gray xxx