tiggy4It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since we put pen to paper and brought Tiggy home with us to give her a well deserved second chance.

From a frightened and very skinny little girl she’s turned into the most lovely natured and bonny cat anyone could wish for.

Although she’s not really the type to sit on knees, once bedtime comes it’s another story. She loves to get into bed and cuddle up into me for a while before she emerges and then proceeds to spend the rest of the night lying on top of my legs or chest. She’s delighted to do this but I don’t think I’ve had one comfortable nights sleep for the last year. Oh well there’s many worse things I can think of.

She’s most definitely an outdoor cat spending practically all day outside but returning regularly just to stuff her face, she loves her food. She’s a real hunter catching mice, birds, butterflies, bluebottles in fact anything that moves she goes for. I’ve tried a collar with a bell, I’ve modified collars with 2 and 3 bells attached just to try and give the birds a chance but nothing seems to work. I really don’t like her killing anything but I know cats will be cats and I guess I’ll have to accept it. There’s no way I could keep her inside all the time as she’d just cry to be out.

She’s still frightened of any other cats coming into the garden and she’ll hide or come running into the house until well after they have gone. I know she had a very rough time whilst living rough and I’m assuming other cats used to beat her up because she was so starved and weak, hence her fear of them still. Even so she gets on quite well with our other older cat although she does collect the odd paw swipe if she gets too close.

So it’s one year down and hopefully many more to come to love and enjoy this beautiful girl.

Thanks again to everyone there at Brysons for all the fantastic and caring work you do.

Stuart & Maria and of course the star of the show Tiggy