shepShep was a grumpy old man during his years at Bryson’s; his former owner hadn’t petted him much so he didn’t really like being touched and he hated other dogs!

We sponsored him and his kennel-mate Scoobie so we didn’t really mind his moods. By the time we took them both home for good on 4th August 1999, Shep had mellowed considerably with age and could be quite cuddly. He hung on to his tenacious character in typical Shep style however, bumbling along on doddery legs to get to his quarry (anything else on four legs). Shep died just eight months later on 10th April 2000 and although we’d actually taken him to the vet to end his old age suffering (he was an old fifteen)) the shock we felt when he slipped away is still with us now. Shep, we know we’ll see you again one day but we miss you terribly and think of you always with love.

Julie and Iain