scoobieThere comes a time when holding on to your dog’s life becomes a selfish act. On Friday 23rd February 2007 at 6pm we let our lovely girl Scoobie go with the dignity and peace she deserved.

She was just two months shy of her fifteenth birthday – she spent half her life at Bryson’s and the last half living with us. I could go on and on about how much it hurts to lose Scoobie (and believe me it really does) but instead I’m going to celebrate the wonder that was Scoobie. Always full of life, Scoobie was so much fun and naughtiness in one gorgeous fluffy bundle – we never had a dull moment with her. She stayed Scoobie on the inside, in her mind, right up until the end when her body failed her – that’s how big her personality was!! The photo I have chosen for you to see was taken when Scoobie was about 5 years old and still living at Bryson’s – we sponsored her and her Bryson’s brother Shep and took them on holiday to the Lake District. The photo is of Scoobie motor-boating on Lake Coniston – she has always loved traveling – and I think her happy spirit shines through!

Scoobie – enjoy having young legs again, you deserve it pretty girl!! And give old Shep a kiss from us!

Julie and Iain