WP_20150829_059Its going fantastically with Alan

Alan and Shadow are getting on like best friends! They are playing together, play fighting, deciding who is in charge, pinching toys off each other, sleeping next to each other on the settee before bed time, walking together lovely and playing great in the back garden – chasing each other.
We couldn’t have wanted better from Alan and his settling in. Hes made himself completely at home and it feels like he has been here forever!
Everybody who has met him so far has instantly fell in love with him, we are also always getting stopped in the street so people can have a look!
We have been on lots of long walks to the derwent, wylam waggonway, tanfield railway line, local village walks. He has walked to and been in one of our dog friendly pubs for the first time and behaved like a dream!

Nicole and Toby.