tiggy3Hi Julia,

It’s now 6 months since Tiggy came home to start her new life with us.

What to report, well it’s no longer the skinny little Tiggy that you knew and loved, she eats like a horse and is now about the same size as one. She’s a beautiful and lovely natured cat and I know for a fact she is happy here with us.

There were a couple of scares in the early months when she went missing from the garden for a couple of hours but I guess she was just investigating the surrounding area to get her bearings. On the first occasion she’d been out for about half an hour so off I went to see if I could find where she was. There was no sign of her anywhere in the garden and panic began to creep in. I was standing looking over the fence into the garden next door when I thought I heard a little bell, “Tiggy, Tiggy where the hell are you” there was no answer and no sign of her. About a minute later another little tinkle of her bell and again I shouted “Tiggy, Tiggy where the hell are you” This must have gone on for at least 15 mins before I just happened to look upwards and there she is about 30 feet directly above my head at the top of a tree sneaking along a thin branch to try and catch a Tree Sparrow perched on the end. She came down safely enough but she was kept in the house for the rest of the day (Yes I grounded her, what a cruel man I am)

She just loves to be out in the garden on the hunt for mice and birds or anything else that moves. Her very first major kill was quite funny, she came in the house with something in her mouth and proceeded to present me with a huge dead Bluebottle. Fortunately her collar with the little bell on seems to be doing the trick, with only one bird casualty to report so far (still that’s one too many) I can’t say the same for the poor little mice though, lots more of them.

Although she loves being outside she still much prefers the door to be left open as her escape route to safety, for as soon as she sees any other cat she comes flying in with a huge bushy tail and big black eyes. She gets on well with our other cat though and while they are never going to be true bosom buddies they both genuinely feel safe with each other.

She’s a bit of an enigma really as she really hates being picked up, she’s not one for sitting on knees but come bed time she insists on snuggling into and practically welding herself to my side or curling up and going to sleep on my chest. She’s also not averse to crawling under the quilt and getting into bed with me. Her purring is one of the loudest I’ve ever heard (sounds exactly like a Triumph Bonneville motorbike) and it goes on all night long.

If it hadn’t been for the care and help she received from you lovely people at Brysons she would not have survived and I would not be writing this.

As it is I’m delighted we have her here with us and I’m sure she feels the same way too.

Please keep up the fantastic work that you all do so well.

Stuart & Maria