tiggy1It’s one whole month now since little Tiggy came to start her new life with us so time for a quick update.

She’s a right little character, full of mischief and would have you playing with her all day if she could. She absolutely adores her food which is not really that surprising when you consider the very rough time she had in the past.

She sleeps on the bottom of the bed and wakes me up in the morning with a headbutt, a kiss and then lies on my chest staring into my face for about 10 mins until I get up and feed her, yes she is spoilt rotten already. She has settled in very quickly, the only little problem to report she was initially horrified of our other cat. This caused little Tiggy to hiss and growl whenever they saw each other but only in a defensive manner. Luckily this didn’t last too long and within a couple of weeks she realised our other cat wasn’t a threat, they’ve now just about accepted each other although our other cat is not too pleased having to share us with little Tig.

She’s just had her first venture out into the garden, supervised of course. Once outside she’s very nervous but I must admit it’s quite funny watching her crawling about on her belly like a little tortoiseshell snake.

Stuart & Maria