tabathaJust an e-mail to let you know how Sage is getting on. We adopted her two weeks ago.

Sage is now called Tabatha and we took her to the vets on Thursday just gone so she could get her second lot of injections. She’s very curious and into everything (including the teeny gap behind the washing machine!) and is settling in nicely. She’s fascinated by the hi-fi when we have a CD on too. We bought her lots of toys, a scratch post and a bed but she seems to prefer our bed! She has lots of play time and enjoys a good nibble on the cardboard box her scratch post came in.

She enjoys Felix in jelly and Whiskas in gravy and likes a tin of tuna in spring water. She also likes Whiskas dry. She’s very energetic and is a good alarm clock of a morning!

All in all, she’s doing fine, and is a joy to have. Everyone has commented on how pretty and cute she is. She gets lots of cuddles every day.

Here is a picture of her.


Claire and Stephen