Get yourself sponsored

Getting Sponsored

One way of raising funds for us is to do something that you’ve always wanted to do and get others to sponsor you. In the past people have sky-dived, walked the Pennine Way and ran marathons amongst other things, and have received great support from friends, family and even total strangers!

Once you have your great sponsorship idea you can raise money by hand or better, use our JustGiving page.

If you choose to do it by hand then you will need to contact us for a sponsorship form, distribute it to your sponsors, collect the sponsorship and then donate it to us.

Its much easier to use JustGiving though. JustGiving is a site where you can set up a page to receive donations and to advertise your event. To create your page for Brysons, just go to and follow the instructions there.

We’d also love you to send a story and pictures of your event so that we can include it in our News.

Good luck with your sponsorship!