sam24Hello To The Staff & Volunteers At Bryson’s Animal Shelter

I am writing to let you know how Sam (The Beagle X) is getting on and what bundle of joy he is and how much he has fitted in.

He has really come on leaps and bounds since coming to us! He is like a different dog, he is no longer anxious and angry, he has not bit through he lead since having him. He is a lot happier and set in his little ways.

We were very apprehensive about letting him off the lead after seeing what he was like at the shelter, we let him off at the beach a few weeks after adopting him and to our amazement, he came back to us. Now we let him off at Barnes park and Elba Park and he no longer barks, he does still approach other dogs but just to play and sniff! He really is the best thing since sliced bread and the changes we have seen in him are unreal !

We take him somewhere different every weekend and we have been to the Lake District a lot since adopting him, we even went to a dog friendly B&B and lodges with him and he has been so well behaved!

He gets along with most dogs although he is more in favour of bigger dogs than smaller ones ( he is not so keen on Alsatians though). We visit my Dad and he has a large Labrador and they get on so well ( The lab is actually over protective of Sam) he did wind him up when they first met but Sam now tries to get on his back for a ride haha.

When sitting watching TV on an evening, if a dog or tiger advert comes on, he growls and does not let it go for 20 mins, this makes us laugh so much, he has so much personality shining through each day!

He has certainly proved us wrong, we thought he was going to be such a handful with a lot of issues but instead he is a great companion with such a bright, gorgeous personality. It did take a little while to get him out of the habit of doing his business in the garden every time although he has grown out of this and now its not a problem.Thank goodness we visited Bryson’s when we did or our lives would not be the same with out him!!!!!

The best thing about Sam is when we go food shopping and come home, his nose is straight in the bags searching for whatever we have bought him, he runs through to the kitchen and gets so excited! He has now got all of his fur back, he is fluffy and his neck hair is now all back, ( as you can see by the picture) he is very lean and gorgeous off all the good food and many walks. He loves to be in the shower and getting pampered!

I have attached a picture of the main man himself, he is in front of the fire as I type this email, having a dream and growling haha!! He dreams most nights and its so funny watching and listening to him!! we have just had a long walk and he is worn out bless him!

Hope everyone is well at Bryson’s ( bet it is rather much quieter without Sammy’s bark but other dogs will be making up for it!)

Kind Regards,

Jaqui and Stuart