pipJust thought we would let you know how Pip is getting on with us! We can’t believe that it has only been 3 weeks since Pip came to us, he has settled in so well it seems like he has been here forever. I don’t think we realised what an affectionate little dog he was! He and Duke have bonded well and although Duke still has to put him in his place occasionally they are really affectionate and love to play together! Pip has really come out of himself and seems to grow in confidence every day. He really enjoys his walks and loves running around with Duke and all the other dogs that go for walks on the field nearby! Duke’s behaviour has changed since Pip came to live with us – I don’t know if he feels now that he has a little brother he has to set a good example but he seems more obedient on walks and when he is off the lead! He now goes to obedience classes which seem to be going well, he seems to pick things up very quickly and will do anything for a treat!!! He also seems to have got used to walking on a lead and doesn’t pull half as much as he did when we first met him! Wherever he goes people comment on what a lovely little dog he is!

Thank you so much for letting him come to live with us

See you soon

Rachel & Ivan