September 2014

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Inside this issue
  1. Introduction
  2. Cats in Need
  3. Rehomed
  4. Old friends
  5. Cats of the Month
  6. And Finally

Meow my friends.

Woohoo, It’s been a busy old time in the holidays. The residents have been literally flying off to their new homes! Every time I have been going to do the next Allie Cat the cats have disappeared and they are off to pastures mew; we can’t complain though :D, long may it continue.

Unfortunately poor Tilly and Harvey are the only ones to remain, come on everybody Ahhhhhhhhh! They have watched their friends come and go; even Pansy has been reserved and is going to her new mammy on Saturday. Get the flags ooot!

Anyhoo time to get on with the Mews:-

Cats In Need
By Allie

This truly gorgeous guy has come in this week.

He is 9 years young and he is so friendly and loving, he will make a fantastic companion for anyone.

Bob has just had a big dental and a really good dematt and he now looks and feels so much better. He is afraid of dogs and will growl as you stroke him when he hears the dogs barking but he has nothing against humans.

Bob loves to nuzzle his head into your head or hands, what a guy!

By Allie

Gorgeous Tomas was as a un-neutered unclaimed stray.

He is a stunning boy who is so friendly and confident. Thankfully he has now been neutered and is now looking for a home where he can be loved to bits.

Thomas won’t be here long, he is too purrfect in looks and purrsonality, I think he will fit into any home very quickly.

Baby and Creeper
By Allie

Baby and Creeper have not long arrived and are quietly settling in.

They are both very quiet, timid and placid cats but very friendly once they overcome their shyness.

They are a young pair that seem like they will be easy cats to care for and they will be loyal and loving with their humans.

“[he] loves to nuzzle his head into your head or hands…”
By Allie

Katie the lioness, is uuber friendly and such a bundle of delightful loveliness. She reminds me so much of a lioness.

Katie is afraid of children so needs an adult home where she can settle and become part of the family and somewhere to hide if little ones come to visit.

Katie loves a snuggle and will make a furrabulous companion.

By Allie

Daisy is a lovely chubby friendly girl who you would think was deaf by the way she shouts.

She has the name of Daisy the fishwife here at the shelter because when you stroke her she raises her voice at you! Not in aggression, she just doesn’t seem to have a volume button. Sometimes she will give you a bat with her unclawed paw and a shout at the same volume.

She will be best in an adult where she can feel safe again.

By Allie

Sophia is another unclaimed stray. She is simply beautiful and so loving once she gets to know and trust you.

Sophia is a scardey cat here at the shelter and was terrified when she first came in. After a few days she calmed down and was really cuddly but when there was a noise or another human she would jump and growl.

I feel she would need an adult home where she can relax and feel safe properly.

By Allie

Biddy has just come in and was terrified but she has been well loved and she will come out of her shell soon enough and realise there’s nothing to be afraid of.

She certainly looks like her name Biddy gorgeous!

“She has the name of Daisy the fishwife…”
Babes, Psipsina, Indiana, Jazz, Maisey, Chloe, Millie, Penny and Casper, Susie, Suilan, Amelia, Bella, Prescilla, Elvis, Izzy, and many more!
By Allie

Woohoo! Good luck Guy’s and Gals have a lovely spoilt life!

Old Friends

We love to hear how our old friends are doing in their new lives. This month we’ve heard from Missy, Flossie, Tiggy and Mr Mouse, who are  all  doing extremely well in their new homes.

If you have any cat updates or stories you would like to share with Allie cat then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! Just email me at:

By Kye


Here’s a few pictures of Missy – AKA the angriest most anti social cat in the world haha.

Well, she was…but that didn’t stop me taking her. She’s been with me for about 4 years now? Maybe longer.

She’s even got friends…my boy Jasper and girl Joni…both cats hehe.

She’s doing well, still angry..hates every human but me…but I’m good with that…she’s my big girl!


By The Nolan Family


We adopted Flossie about 12 weeks ago and I just wanted to keep you updated. she is doing fabulously.

She now goes in the garden to just watch the world go by, she loves her bed (it is a wine glass shaped off the floor wicker basket) and although she is not jumping up for cuddles yet we are sure she will accept us 100% soon.

She did have an ‘adventure’ over a week ago when late at night she ran away to a neighbours house about 50 yards away, unfortunately she got in a blind panic and refused to come out from behind his shed.  I eventually got my kids to leave her alone which they were very unhappy to do. When I got up at 6am the following morning there she was in her bed. She had calmed down, found her way home, got through the catflap, come up stairs and climbed into her bed. We were astounded.

She doesn’t go out of the gate anymore and is happy to just wander round our small garden where last week she found a small frog which she played with for hours, she sits at the side of the shed and waits for our resident mouse to come out.  She eats sometimes three times a day and at the moment we are training her to no longer use a cat tray and to do her stuff outside.

I have attached a couple of pictures as you can see she has learned to relax and for some reason she likes to sit in either the bathroom sink or the bath.

We love her to bits and am sure in the weeks to come she will settle down more and more.

Thank you

the Nolan family.

By Stuart & Maria

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since we put pen to paper and brought Tiggy home with us to give her a well deserved second chance.

From a frightened and very skinny little girl she’s turned into the most lovely natured and bonny cat anyone could wish for. Although she’s not really the type to sit on knees, once bedtime comes it’s another story. She loves to get into bed and cuddle up into me for a while before she emerges and then proceeds to spend the rest of the night lying on top of my legs or chest. She’s delighted to do this but I don’t think I’ve had one comfortable nights sleep for the last year. Oh well there’s many worse things I can think of.

She’s most definitely an outdoor cat spending practically all day outside but returning regularly just to stuff her face, she loves her food. She’s a real hunter catching mice, birds, butterflies, bluebottles in fact anything that moves she goes for. I’ve tried a collar with a bell, I’ve modified collars with 2 and 3 bells attached just to try and give the birds a chance but nothing seems to work. I really don’t like her killing anything but I know cats will be cats and I guess I’ll have to accept it. There’s no way I could keep her inside all the time as she’d just cry to be out. She’s still frightened of any other cats coming into the garden and she’ll hide or come running into the house until well after they have gone.

I know she had a very rough time whilst living rough and I’m assuming other cats used to beat her up because she was so starved and weak, hence her fear of them still. Even so she gets on quite well with our other older cat although she does collect the odd paw swipe if she gets too close.

So it’s one year down and hopefully many more to come to love and enjoy this beautiful girl.

Thanks again to everyone there at Brysons for all the fantastic and caring work you do.

Stuart & Maria (and of course the star of the show Tiggy)

Mr Mouse
By Rona
mr mouse
Mr Mouse

Hi to everyone at Bryson’s

We adopted a cat from you over two years ago and renamed him Mr Mouse.

He had bent legs and a lump on his spine and was suffering from malnutrition so he was an indoor car to begin with. Happily he grew stronger as time went on and is completely agile and healthy.

We have moved into the Northumbrian wilds and he now enjoys the great outdoors. He brings up ‘presents’ everyday some dead and some alive that we do try to rescue!

He is best of friends with our two Bedlington terriers and is master of all he surveys. We couldn’t imagine life without him he is such a loving cutie!

Thanks for rescuing him in the nick of time,

Rona Unwin x

Cats of the Month
By Allie

Poor Tilly bob’s seems like she has been here for a long long time.

She can be a bit spooked by feet sometimes so she doesn’t show to her best when she is in her cattery.

When she is lying on her bed on the shelf she is so friendly and purrfect. Tilly was also completely different when she was in the room when she first came in.

She loves her face, head, neck and ears rubbed.

Unfortunately she has been overlooked for what must be about a year.

By Allie

Harvey is 1yr old now and never had someone special to call his own.

He has been in the shelter since he was a kitten and really needs a proper home where he can snuggle up with his humans and live the life of luxury like the Prince of Squirrels should be living.

He would love a cozy fire and lots of lap and cuddle time. Harvey is so friendly and he is great with other cats and kittens, I very much doubt he would be afraid of dogs too. I could just imagine him being best of friends with a happy waggy mutt.

He seems to have sorted his litter training, since he has been neutered and his hormones have settled down he doesn’t seem to have had an accident for a long time.

And Finally

Any cat cuddlers/ mad cat ladies out there?

The Cat ladies are having a meal out to get to know each other and have a night where they can talk about cats and people won’t think it’s weird and get bored of hearing cat stories. They are going to Fujiamas in Newcastle on 25th October.

If anyone like minded would like to join us please contact me here or on facebook for a space at the table.

Up and coming events

We have the ever popular, wonderful Book & cook fayre on 5th October and the first Sunday of every Month except January.

There’s always an abundance of books, home baked goods and lots of little surprises. It’s great to see so many buzzing friends supporting the shelter, coming to cat cuddle & dog walk or at least give lots of treats wink wink!

Hope to see you all soon.

Meow for now xxx