July 2014

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Inside this issue
  1. Introduction
  2. Cats in Need
  3. Rehomed
  4. Old friends
  5. Cats of the Month
  6. And Finally
Apeman Barry

Meow my friends.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays and keeping the cherubs busy. There is normally a good rehoming boom after people have been on holiday so hopefully there will be lots of happy pussycats.

We completed our Go Ape Tree top assault course a couple of weeks ago. It was hard work but we enjoyed it and finished exhausted! We have not worked out how much has been raised between us yet but should do by the next meowsletter.

Anyhoo time to get on with the Mews:-

Cats In Need
By Allie

Amelia has to be one the most sweetest cuddliest kittens I have ever met.

She loves to be cuddled and stroked & her little bat ears are just too cute! Amelia is around 4 month old and if you meet her I promise you will fall head over heals in love.

She has a ferocious appetite though and it is so funny to watch her turn into a lion and raid a cuddlers bag for treats. She will pull out a slice of ham, heehee, if another cat comes near she growls & says nnnyamm nnnyam nnyamm nyamm.

By Allie

Chloe is a loving girl who really enjoys company.

She was returned due to her owners illness but she is relaxing well to the change.

Chloe has always been a house cat so either a house cat again or a home with a garden where she can sunbathe and catch butterflies when the humans are with her.

Poppy and Casper
By Allie

Poppy and Casper are two kitten siblings that get on really well together.

They are both very friendly and love attention and affection. They purr like little Jaguars so if you have always wanted to hear the sound of a posh cat purrrr around you, pick these two up and put them on each shoulder and you will have them in surround sound and be saying my other cat is a moggie.

I don’t imagine they will be here very long so you better be quick!

“They purr like little Jaguars…”
By Allie
Sui lan

I really don’t know how Suilan is still here!

She is a little stunner, very friendly and affectionate. Suilan even has the Tabby looks on her side, if she was black/black & white I would think she would be in longer but she has the looks and personality that will see her well into any home with a safe garden where she can go outside if she wants to after she settles.

By Allie

Daisy doo is a friendly girl who was found sleeping rough as a stray.

She now thinks she is Queen of the cat runs and enjoying the luxury of 3 square meals a day, a warm bed and cuddles from her favourite humans.

She is a bit unsure of some people so an adult home where she can be loved and spoilt will be the best for her.

By Allie

Tilly is a lovely girl who loves being stroked and fussed over but as long as she has got all four paws on the floor or if she is in her bed she is very affectionate.

Tilly has a mind of her own and she will tell you when she wants fussed over and when she doesn’t.

She is down the bottom with Arnold keeping him company and with more space for her to hang out, she has been here so long now bless her.

Psipsina (Pepsi for short)
By Allie

Little Psipsina is a beautiful young girl with a coat that gleams with sleekness.

She is very friendly and loves her cuddles and attention.

Psipsina’s owner has gone back to Greece so she finds herself at the shelter through no fault of her own. She is only 10 month old so she is still classed as an older kitten.

“she has been here so long now bless her…”
By Allie

Harvey has grown up to be a great uncle down the bottom runs with some little black kittens!

Awwww, he has been playing lovely with them and been really nurturing and gentle. He is so much calmer and not running around like a loony kitten anymore. The kids are working him well and bringing the best out of him.

He is such a loving boy and will make a great companion. Just hope he’s not a pensioner when he gets a home and a human of his own.

Strawberry, Fliss, Merlin, Millie, Fifi and Oyo, Sammy, Flossie, Kittens, Bella (reserved)
By Allie

Woohoo! Good luck Guy’s and Gals have a lovely spoilt life!

Fifi and Oyo
Old Friends

We love to hear how our old friends are doing in their new lives. This month we’ve heard from Fifi and Oyo who were recently rehomed together.

If you have any cat updates or stories you would like to share with Allie cat then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! Just email me at:

Fifi and Oyo
By Lesley
fifi and oyo
Fifi and Oyo

Fifi and Oyo are already settling in and enjoying the scenery, particularly the bird life!


Cat of the Month
By Allie

Little Pansy struggles a bit in the shelter environment and people don’t see her at her best.

She can be very affectionate and loves to be petted and especially her head, chin, face and ears rubbed. When she has had enough she will tell you.

Pansy needs a calm and quiet home where she can get attention on her terms and she can gain your trust.

She will be a different cat in the right home.

And Finally
New Cattery Meeting

The next cattery meeting will be held Sunday 17th August at 11.30am. Please come along and join us.

Up and coming events

We have the ever popular, wonderful Book & cook fayre on 3rd August and the first Sunday of every Month except January.

There’s always an abundance of books, home baked goods and lots of little surprises. It’s great to see so many buzzing friends supporting the shelter, coming to cat cuddle & dog walk or at least give lots of treats wink wink!

Hope to see you all soon.

Meow for now xxx